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Handbook of Complex Abdominal Wall

Table of Contents:

Download an example chapter: (free download)


At present, in a rapidly changing development by a more available electronic world, the publication of a new book is a challenge, and a challenge that forces to offer an additional value that needs to be taken into consideration. The production directed by Prof. Garcia-Ureña offers various aspects that ensure this value added. First, the direction of the work in the hands of an expert who has devoted much of his professional and academic life to the pathology of the abdominal wall, such as Prof. Garcia-Ureña, with a well renowned national and international acknowledgment. The second is the chosen subject, as is the complex abdominal pathology, including some clinical situations that address great difficulty for both conceptual and technical resolutions. The selection of the chapters makes this work especially attractive. A third aspect is the outline of the chapters, with a really innovative format: schematic, concrete and updated, with high quality images and more attractive, within the concept of dynamic book, immediate access to high quality video demonstrations. It is an educational handbook, really practical, result of many years of concern for teaching, for the transmission of knowledge to new generations.

Páginas.- 72. 1 volumen
Peso: 0,26 Kg
I.S.B.N.: 978-84-16706-55-6

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